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Background and Philosophy
I have worked in the psychotherapy field for over thirty years
providing counseling to individuals, couples, families, and groups. 
I graduated with a Master's degree in Social Work from Columbia 
University in 1981. Since then, I have continued to study various 
approaches to psychotherapy.
My philosophy is to find the most meaningful approach for each 
person. Many clients who come in to my office prefer a traditional,
narrative style of talk therapy. Others are interested in more 
alternative therapies. I will work with you to find the most valuable 
type of counseling for what you may need.
Here are some areas that we might focus on:
Current life stresses such as relationship issues, interpersonal problems at home or on the job, separation and divorce, changes in personal path and direction, health issues for oneself or another, and recent family concerns.
Personal history which may include your original family, concerns about a previous marriage or relationship, traumatic or disturbing life experiences, coping with a major illness, or feelings about adult children. Revisiting and letting go of core belief systems often comes out of this work.
Psychological issues that continue to create difficulties, long after the original source of the problem has been understood. If you feel you have experienced the emotions and insights connected with your personal history, but do not see the changes that you would like in your life, this may be the focus for you.
Other concerns such as depression, anxiety, addictions and substance abuse in oneself or another, panic attacks, symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, grief and loss, relationship issues, or major life transitions may also be a focus.
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