I work with individuals, couples, or families using an integration of psychotherapy and energy work. Some clients receive only conventional psychotherapy. Others are more interested in alternative approaches and energy work. Depending on the needs of clients, I offer short-term or long-term psychotherapy.

Psychotherapy Fees: Fifty-minute meetings are $145 for individuals and $165 for couples or families. Longer sessions are also available. Eighty-minute meetings are $195 for individuals and $225 for couples or families. Couples or family therapy may not be covered by some insurance policies.

Optional Initial Interview: I offer an optional twenty-five minute session, at about half of my usual hourly rate, for clients who would like to meet me in person and discuss their counseling needs before beginning psychotherapy. Although not everyone would like to come in for a short session, this is available for those who would prefer to meet me before beginning their counseling. Rates are $75 for individuals and $85 for couples or families.

Reiki and Energy Work:  Fees for Reiki and energy work are $125 for a fifty-minute appointment and $165 for an eighty-minute appointment. Reiki and energy work sessions are not considered to be psychotherapy or massage and are not generally covered by insurance.

Once a month, I also offer individual Reiki and subtle energy work appointments on a sliding fee basis. These are energy work sessions only and do not include counseling. Please see the Reiki: 3rd Saturdays page for more information.

Fees and payments: All fees are due in full at the time of the session. Payment can be made with either check or cash.

Insurance: I am a Licensed Social Worker in the State of Washington. Several insurance policies will cover the psychotherapy services that I offer on an out-of-network basis. Clients pay in full at the time of the session. I then provide standardized health claim forms for clients who wish to submit these directly to their insurance companies for reimbursement. Please contact your insurance carrier for details on your health plan.
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